This Luxurious Transparent Kayak is for you!!


Discover the natural wonders beneath the sea, lake or wherever you would normally Kayak through with this AMAZING Transparent Kayak. Lightweight and portable,  simply take this incredible transparent kayak on you next holiday or family getaway.

Whether you’re into serious research or out to have fun, the possibilities are endless.
Enjoy the ‘unimaginable’ and majestic experience of seeing the breathtaking marine life that is underneath you while kayaking through the water.

Or simply sit back, relax and take in the exceptional views and take some delightful photos of what is below you through the kayak…EVEN BETTER WHILE STAYING DRY.

Product highlights:

  • Made to carry two passengers, with a capacity up to 192kgs  / 425 lbs.
  • Constructed by a polycarbonate hull with a T6 6061 anodised aluminium frame.