WOW No experience Necessary and only one touch!

Forget traditional controls! this FABULOUS Flypro XEagle drone is controlled by the XWatch and with the press of one button “Gets You Started”.
Unlike traditional controls this on-touch XWatch is all you need to get start. Portable, with an easy and simple interface the watch turns the beginner into a professional. Built-in intelligent voice recognition system and a powerful voice base, it can quickly and accurately recognise voice commands and follow in both English and Chinese.

Using an infrared obstacle avoidance system, built-in photoelectric sensors, it has a 0.1 up to 15 meters effective range for obstacle detection, 12 m / s for the maximum relative speed, real time and precise calculations for obstacle location information to avoid collision.

The XWatch‘s built-in high-precision pressure sensor lets you use one button to make the aircraft accurately follow you wherever you go. With a speed of 15 m/s and 360° high-speed follow and record, and an eight-ways intelligent hand control knob to adjust the orientation,you can record every wonderful moment completely hands free.