ShopitShipit sources and delivers an amazing range of high quality lifestyle products to value hunters New Zealand and Australia-wide with an uncompromising commitment to providing true factory-direct deals.

By leveraging our knowledge we have cut out the middlemen, allowing us to delight and surprise our customers with a more affordably fabulous life.

We open deals for a period of time – usually 14 days however can be extended up to 21 days . We call this an open container. Once the period is complete and the container is full enough for shipping the container will be ‘closed’ for manufacturing.


About Us



Value Hunters of New Zealand & Australia Unite!

ShopitShipit offers an exciting new way to shop, providing access to an ever changing range of fabulous lifestyle products at a fraction of what you’d pay elsewhere.

ShopitShipit groups your order with other Value Hunters’ orders and then ships them all together to keep shipping costs down. We deliver direct from global manufacturers to you.




What does that mean?

Let us expose an industry truth! Suppliers will only produce and ship products when they have enough orders to make it cost effect for them. The traditional way of shopping involves an agent, factory, wholesaler AND retailer. The products are purchased in bulk and once shipped to New Zealand or Australia, they are held in a warehouse until a store requests them. Another transport fee is added along with store rent, wages and luxury decore to entice consumers.

So basically, we are cutting out all these unnecessary costs!



At ShopitShipit we don’t have agents, we don’t have warehouses, we don’t hold stock and we don’t have luxury retail shops to look after. We work directly with manufacturers so we can pass savings onto our customers.

We work for you, to find high quality products at a fraction of what you currently pay in the New Zealand & Australian marketplaces. TRUE “factory-direct” prices!


It’s like crowdsourcing meets shopping, and everyone wins!

So get ready for cheaper Living, Leisure and Outdoor products along with an ever changing product range. You name it, we plan to ShopitShipit for you!

All of our products have a warranty and are guaranteed for a minimum of 1 year. We are an Australian GST registered company.





Sounds too good to be true, right?

But it’s not. With over 45 years of combined experience in product sourcing, supply chain management, logistics and customer service, ShopitShipit’s founder Scott Wheeler and his business partners will connect you with some of the best deals New Zealand & Australia has ever seen.

All of the fabulous products have been hand-picked, tested and quality-checked before dispatch by Scott and his team.


Is there a catch?

The only catch is the delivery time. Like we said, traditionally products are sitting in storage waiting to be ordered, but with ShopitShipit we don’t place the order until our Value Hunters want it.

Each sale period is usually 14 days, we call this an open container. Once this time has passed and we’ve got enough orders for shipping, we’ll close the container and place the orders on behalf of our Value Hunters.  ShopitShipit may extend an available period at any time.

The production and freight time will likely mean a longer wait then if you purchased from a store BUT you’ll have only paid a fraction of the cost.


Our Promise


So it’s true that good things really do come to those who wait!


High Quality

At ShopitShipit we choose only the best manufacturers, who utilise quality materials and deliver products that are made to last. All products are hand-picked, tested and quality-checked before dispatch by the ShopitShipit team.





Fabulous products, Fabulously Affordable prices

We take great care to ensure we consistently provide our customers with fantastic products at fabulously affordable prices. We’re always on the lookout for great new deals, new suppliers and on-trend items to delight our Value Hunters.



Complete satisfaction

All of our products come with a minimum one year warranty.

A prompt reply to your enquiry via email or over the phone during business hours -9:00 – 17:00 AEST weekdays – with a smile!






For details about ‘Deals, Ordering and Delivery’, refer to our Terms and Conditions.